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Arts Based Learning

Now entering the third year of partnership between SCT and Kaiser Permanente, the Arts Based Learning program has visited over 48,000 students and 3,000 Teachers statewide.  The Arts Based Learning program consists of touring productions, in class residencies, workshops, and professional development opportunities for teachers and students alike, all free to qualifying schools. All of our programming is designed to inspire children, teens and adults to make informed decisions about their health and build stronger communities.

To book a performance, please contact Brodrick Ryans, Arts Based Learning Coordinator at and 206.443.0807 ext. 1164.


By Ramón Esquivel

Above Between Below is a touring assembly for middle school audiences designed to engage students in conversations about managing conflicts, bullying and building resiliency. The plot revolves around an embarrassing cellphone video gone viral, physical intimidation and gossip. These events lead to a confrontation between four students who must choose to take action as a person who is targeted and victimized or a person who bullies. Following each performance, students participate in a discussion with the cast aimed to spark further conversation about how conflicts emerge and to brainstorm positive alternatives and outcomes. Above Between Below aligns with the following WA State Benchmarks for Social Emotional Learning.

SELF-AWARENESS: Standard 1: Individual has the ability to identify and name one’s emotions and their influence on behavior.
SELF-MANAGEMENT: Standard 2: Individual develops and demonstrates the ability to regulate emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in contexts with people different than oneself.
SOCIAL MANAGEMENT: Standard 5: Individual has the ability to make safe and constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions.

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By Trista Baldwin 

Ghosted tells the story of four students as they navigate through a single day of high school. When one of them experiences a bout of anxiety and is sent to the counselor’s office, issues of friendship and honesty lead all of them to reveal hard truths about their personal experiences and lives. Following these disclosures, the characters brainstorm a collective path towards resiliency, personal strength and mutual support. Following the play, the cast will engage with student audiences in a conversation about resiliency. The objective of the conversation is to further examine the themes of the play, and offer students resources and additional information about healthy personal growth.

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