For the safety of our community, SCT has suspended our 19|20 season and all Spring programming through 5/31/20. Learn more and stay up-to-date >>


As you can imagine, this has been a challenging time at SCT. Like our many colleagues in the arts, we have cancelled the remainder of our season, though luckily the crisis hit just as we were winding down our third of five shows, the incomparable Snow White. As schools have closed and sent children home to learn, our Education Team is hard at work providing online and virtual learning opportunities for families looking for ways to bring arts into the home.

This has been most difficult for our artists, production folks and front of house employees whose work suddenly disappeared overnight. We are trying to figure out the best ways to support them, especially those who have lost their jobs and are in financial need.

What’s the relevance of the Seattle Children’s Theatre during a global crisis? It’s the relevance of hope, and faith in the future. In the Seattle metro area, 812,000 children are being kept at home and away from friends, extended family and classmates. Our mission has always been to bring people together, to grow compassion and empathy, and to spark hope and imagination. We believe that mission will be very much needed in the near future.

We want to make sure Seattle Children’s Theatre will be here to serve our community when that future arrives. All to say, we are in this together, and in every decision we make, we center the child. We are moving through this time with a goal of keeping SCT healthy and ready to unleash the transformative power of live theatre and theatre education. I feel immense humility with the task, and it is with our founders and early leaders in my mind that we work every day to weather this storm.

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